In 2023, we achieved incredible engagement and, with a lot of work and dedication in our flight, we won the award for the third consecutive time. An immense pride (#orgulhoimenso)!

Grupo Águia


Águia Verde is a project that aims to mitigate the emission of CO2 in the environment, reducing the impact of our operations on the planet.

With each service offered by the Grupo Águia companies, we provide the customer with the chance to contribute to a greener world by buying one or more seedlings native trees to one of the richest biomes in biodiversity in the world that will then be planted in preservation areas.

In addition to working on forest restoration in the Atlantic Forest, we also help several communities in need that live from this plantation. Environmental and social impact united by a better future.

We have reforested an area equivalent to +115 football fields since 2010.
+13,000 trees planted
We neutralized the emission of C02 equivalent to +27,000 times the distance between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
Now we count on you to help us spread this awareness and build the legacy of a greener planet.

Escola de Líderes

In 2020, we carried out a survey through GPTW and one of the main feedbacks, given the context we lived in, was how we would build the next goals. There was only one way: to build together.

Thus, escola de líderes (School of Leaders) was born, an internal knowledge exchange platform that expanded the guidelines brought by external professionals and today advances through the partnership with G4 Educação.

In 2023 this project grew, and we joined the G4 education platform, which provides an immersion in relevant contents to courses and training. We want to be a flight runway: growth, full potential, and happiness from the individual to the collective.

Grupo Águia

Papo de craque

Implemented in 2023, Papo de Craque is a monthly face-to-face meeting, for more human exchanges. The aim is to expand the visions and perspectives through a space for dialogue and construction of collaborative thinking.