"The eagle is an amazing animal. It possesses such a powerful vision that makes it glimpse horizons that are invisible to others. Moreover, an eagle learns since childhood the importance of overcoming boundaries, and to trust. When a cub eagle is ready to fly, the mother puts sticks and stones in the nest so that he can realize it's time to go out and conquer the vastness of the open air. The mother grabs the cub and lets him drop from high in the clouds, as if warning him: "Now it's up to you". Many will fly. Others won't. But the eagle does not abandon those who fail at the first attempt. On the contrary: in a flyby, a few yards off the ground, she will rescue him, so that once again he can have the chance of learning to fly. When they finally take flight with their own tenacity and effort, the cubs come back to thank, because they realize they have become mature due to determination and reliance."

It is from these four characteristics - Vision, Confidence, Tenacity and Determination - that Grupo Águia is structured. Vision to realize that several different companies linked in one unique group will become stronger, create differentials, and boost an expressive growth in the sector.