"I Am What I Am Because We Are All of Us."


We believe the Group is strengthened due to the tenacity and dedication of our main asset: our team.

Collective excellence is one of our principal values and with this in mind, we are constantly developing actions to increase the feeling of belonging and sharing of common values. It was from this perspective that the Grupo Águia devised the "Meeting"

The "Meeting" is an annual event which gathers together collaborators from all of Grupo Águia's headquarters for an activity-packed weekend in the countryside. Tackling a different topic each year through group dynamics and lectures, this event approaches issues and values that are important to Grupo Águia. Socializing is intrinsic, and learning, unmatched.

Furthermore, we believe in the importance of recognizing talents and abilities within the companies and therefore, Grupo Águia also invests on personal and professional development of its collaborators through technical training, partnerships with educational institutions, group dynamics, and incentive campaigns.